The Gers offers countless enjoyable and interesting things to discover, from its farming culinary delights, to the crafts of its artisans.


Our county values its past; in this clip it is easy to see how traditional events blend with contemporary shows, and conserve them.

A tastefull heritage

The Gers is keeping its tradition alive; farming skills that have been proudly handed down from generation to generation, ensure that its produce maintains its reputation and recognition: it has more than probably contributed to the Gersois characteristics.

Flowers market

The love of fine food is not considered a vice in the Gers, and is the mainstay of daily life. Culinary art is firmly rooted in traditionally prepared farm produce, whilst all the time keeping up with the changes and trends of nouvelle cuisine.

Experience for yourself the taste of the Gers: traditional foie gras, magret, black pork, Pastis Gascon, and plenty more...

Marché au gras

The art of living and tradition of conviviality

Time is irrelevant here, and in order to explore the region properly and fully enjoy its cuisine, we recommend that you slow down to match the general pace of living.

Yearlong lively markets give the visitor plenty opportunity to sample the local food, and wines; we recommend the Cotes de Gascogne, Madiran, Saint-Mont, Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, and the Floc de Gascogne, and of course our prestigious Armagnac brandy.

Traditional celebrations, Musical or Food festivals, are a part of life in the Gers, and free for all to enjoy.

Arts and craft 

Artists keep traditional skills alive, and willingly share their expertise opening their doors to share their passion.

More information can be found on the page Artisanat

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