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Music aficianados who wish to learn more, should take note of these events.

Le Printemps des Arts (The artists springtime) is a three day event where the public are invited to meet artists of all the art disciplines, including music and painting. It gives everyone the opportunity to experience and exchange new and different cultural customs.

It gives the opportunity for everyone to experience and exchange new and different cultural customs.

The Festival of Chamber Music known as 'Les Musicales des Coteaux de Gimone', takes place from April to September, and presents high quality concerts performed in historical settings by international performers; it encompasses piano recitals, and jazz concerts to Baroque music.

For the past 20 years, during a week in July, Simorre plays host to the 'Realm of the Child' called locally 'Festi’Drole' and everything is child orientated. During that week the whole of the town is given over to artists and magicians, willing for the children to participate in a creative experience; the parents themselves can relive their childhood as they watch the children express themselves openly and freely.

For the past 10 years, throughout October weekends, the town of Gimont has held les 'Rencontres Aeronautiques et Spatiales' Aeronautic fanatics will revel in it! The event comprises of exhibitions, movie shows, hot air/helicopter flights and skydiving, all culminating in spectacular air displays.

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