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- Take the path along the south ditch and a wider walkway leading to a road on your right.

- Cross the D12, continue straight on 250m commit to right (2km) a path up towards the farm "En Saubet" at the crossroads turn right.

- Turn right on the dirt road leading down to the Lauze, cross the ford, cut the D283 and continue straight. Cross the wood Aguin on 1,5km.

- At the stone marker turn right to the farm "Béros" along a deer park to arrive on a paved road, turn slightly on the right to lead the D129. Make a left on 200m, turn right on a local road, 300m after a bend, turn left on a path to a junction.

- Turn right, before the house turn right on the dirt road that goes down between two hurdles. Turn right on the D283 and then immediately left to cross the bridge over the Lauze.

- Turn left on the path along the river 500m, then get right.

- Farm "Verdier" take the left path, pass "La Plagne" continue on the road down to the D12 and take the right on 100m.

- Turn left on a path, continue straight for 1km, cross the center of the village to find your starting point.

In Simorre, in the southeast of the Gers, you will discover the fortified church, the Lauze Valley and Peasant Museum Emile.

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