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Founded in the thirteenth century by Cistercian monks of the Abbey of Planselve and the Count of Toulouse, Gimont is one of 300 houses based in south-western France. New City of the Middle Ages, she is organized symmetrically on either side of the main street and around the place of the hall.

Departure: parking of the swimming pool.

1: Head to the lake bypassing the tennis courts. Cross the bridge above the Gimone river. Along the lake to the left and go under the bridge.

Bypassing the small lake take the dirt road on your left a walk straight along the lake.

After the two bridges, turn right at the intersection.

2: 50m, left, take the path that climbs to the right. Turn left towards the water tower. Continue right on D120.

Caution ! Turn left toward En Guilhem. Continue on the path to the right and then turn left.

3: Take the right path and continue on the path to the small road. Turn left and reach the D160.

4: Turn right. Continue on 250 m.

After the bridge, turn left and walk along the river Marcaoue until the end of the wood.

Continue on the path that goes right. Continue along the road. At the junction turn left and 100 m, take the path on the right.

5: Turn left at the white way down, along the lake and reach the N124.

Cross national with caution!

Follow the path opposite. Join the D253. Continue straight along the road.

Variation: Before crossing national, Gimont possibility of returning to the path on the left along the road at the beginning and the end.

6: After the place called "La Garnison", turn left onto the path of En Rouin.

Pass the farm down to the left, cross the river and continue to the road along the railway line to the left.

Go up to the D120, cross over the bridge to the right. Turn left towards "Marmande".

At the intersection, turn left and turn right without going under the overpass.

7: Go under the bridge, go left on the path along the river meeting the lake.

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