This traditional receipe was made by or grand-mothers in the farms where they streched the pastry on Saturdays to prepare Sunday's meal or holidays.

Les Délices d'Alienor saved this tradition with this well-known dessert, its generous and rustic spirit.

Made of flour, water, salt, and eggs, this dough is streched until 1/10mm and buttered (not with a duck feather anymore).

Pastis Gascon is also known for its filling made with apples and Gers Armagnac. Historically, it is made with apple but it can be found with pear and chocolate, dried plums, blueberries or cherries.

Xavier invites you to discover how the "Croustadières" (croustade makers) strech the pastry as thin as a veil and how a 10 years old Armagnac exalts and glorifies the taste of apples.

(Visit : 30 minutes)

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