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What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file that is placed on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, ...) when you visit a website or Internet advertising.
Cookies can store information on your browser to facilitate your websites consultations and providing personalized service. This information is retained for the cookie period of validity of which is configurable in or Internet browsers installed on your device. You can also choose, at any time to enable or disable cookies in those applications configuration rules.
Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein.
Issuers of cookies
Cookies from the Tourist Office of Coteaux Arrats Gimone
When you connect to the website of the Tourist Office of Coteaux Arrats Gimone, we may need to file various cookies on your terminal for the purpose of optimizing navigation and personalization of our services. These cookies can allow particular: - to adapt the presentation of our sites to the characteristics of the terminal you use (screen resolution, operating system and Internet browser used, ...) - to store information on a form you have completed on our sites - establish statistics on visits and use of various sections of our sites to improve the value and usability of our services.
Third-party cookies
During the consultation website of the Tourist Office of Coteaux Arrats Gimone, it is possible that the partner companies place cookies on your third terminal. This may particularly be the case for links to websites or applications that allow you to express or share our content with other people, and especially on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus , ...)
Even if you have not used this information sharing tools, it is possible your navigation nevertheless be subject to monitoring or session if your account is activated on your terminal at that time.
The Tourist Office of Coteaux Arrats Gimone has no control over cookies placed by third parties, or control over the collection of information that results.
We advise you to inquire about the terms and data protection policies sites or applications in question.
Types of cookies
Technical cookies
The Tourist Office of Coteaux Arrats Gimone uses cookies, which are essential for the functioning of its websites. They allow you to access the various services offered in optimal conditions. It is therefore advisable to delete them, causing their disappearance navigational difficulties.
The Tourist Office of Coteaux Arrats Gimone also uses cookies statistical measures to determine the number of visitors to its sites and the different sections visited. This information allows us to identify possible errors and malfunctions and optimize the services and information offered.
Optional cookies
The Tourist Office of Coteaux Arrats Gimone uses, moreover, cookies that are designed to improve your user experience and facilitate your research and information sharing. These elements are not essential for optimal navigation conditions.
Manage cookies on your terminal
You can, at any time, enable or disable cookies for free in the Internet or the browsers installed on your device.
By enabling cookies, you agree that information is temporarily stored in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your device. These will be readable only by the issuer for a limited time you can freely determine in your browser settings.
You can also choose to disable cookies or decide to deal with the case by case. A total ban of cookies on your device can lead to consultation worries on our websites. Vendée Expansion disclaims any liability for damage to navigation or malfunctions related to prohibiting setting cookies.
To accurately set your choice of cookies, please consult your Internet browser configuration help pages:
Internet Explorer

More information on cookies
To learn more about cookies, you can visit the website of the CNIL.

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