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You can be sure of a good holiday in the Gers because of the variety on offer - hill and dale landscapes, traditional villages, open spaces, fresh air, outdoor sports (hiking, biking, horse riding) cultural tours, plus the numerous public events giving opportunity to mingle with the locals.

This page is  :

-          A guide to outdoor activities and gastronomy

-          Developing local social interaction

-          Promote an eco-friendly environment by respecting it 

Foie gras and gastronomy

Le Gers et la gastronomie, c'est toute une histoire. Les célèbres...

Art and culture

Come and share our culture

Outdoor activities

The Gers is only 45 minutes away from Toulouse, and the outdoor activities that are available are fantastic!


Fishing enthusiasts are allowed to fish in specified reserved...

Swimming and water sports

Gimont has a public swimming pool, whilst the lake at Saramon...


Daily activities, including the next few days and weeks. Where...


Profitez de votre séjour pour prendre soin de vous dans un cadre...

Group activities

For a day or a complete stay

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