Gimont is an important stop on the road from Arles to Santiago de Compostela. This itinerary is called Via Tiolosana, named after its main stop, Toulouse. The route is one of the 4 symbolic routes that would have led the pilgrims to Galicia, on the supposed tomb of the Apostle James.

This path is marked by sanctuaries which give it its historical and spiritual meaning: the Alyscamps in Arles, the tomb of Saint Gilles, that of Guillaume in the abbey of Saint-Guilhem the Desert, the blessed Saturnin in the magnificent Saint-Sernin basilica In Toulouse. Later, the pilgrims visited Saint Orens at Auch and Saint Gras at Oloron-Sainte-Marie.

Nowadays, pilgrims, pilgrims and hikers can walk this ancient, open and marked path: the GR®653.

The Middle Ages reveal its splendor throughout the itinerary: the Romanesque art of the abbey of St Guilhem or the basilica St-Sernin, the cathedral of Sainte-larie in Auch in a Gothic style. The bastides of L'Isle-Jourdain and Gimont are examples of medieval town planning to conquer and cultivate new lands. Here, you will admire the way, mastering the art of construction in earth and brick as evidenced by bell towers, barns and dovecotes ...

The route allows two-way traffic to Santiago de Compostela and Rome.

This path connects the Mediterranean to the Atlantic in a mosaic of landscapes that make it its attraction. From the plain of the Camargue to the Montagne Noire, the landscape is made of vines bathed in the sun. Passing this massive mountainous valley with low level, one enters a greener landscape of forests and pastures before crossing the Lauragas and Gascony to the gentle hills planted with corn and corn. In the approach of the Pyrenees, the trail is a balcony on the Pyrenees.

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