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Departure from the Place du Foirail to Simorre

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- Take the path that runs along the creek, then go straight on. At the junction of the variant, take the road which leads to 400m.

> Variation: 10 km circuit: turn left and follow the signs.

- Take a right on the path that goes down. Follow it for 1km. At Calvary, turn right onto the D238 for about 350m. Take on the left the dirt road which goes up the hill and join the D538 passing in front of the work of Land'Art *.

- Take the dirt road which goes down on the left of the road for 500m and take on the right the trail which goes up in the wood until the D538.

- Go left on the road. At the crossroads, continue straight and 50m after, turn left and take the dirt road for 500m. Turn right onto the path that leads into the woods. Go around the farm of Soulan and take the path that runs along the Crete line and then go down to the D19.

- At the paved road, take the left for 100m. Turn right and follow the path that goes down. Cross the creek and then turn left onto the grassy strip. At the cement bridge, cross it and continue right on the grass belt until the D234.

- Go right on the road for 140m and take the left dirt track that goes up the hill. Continue to the asphalt road, take it 400m to the junction with two dirt roads.

- Take the path that goes down to the left of the road. Continue to the paved road and continue to the left in the descent. At the second bend, while the road continues on the right, follow the dirt road for 900m. Go right on the stone road over 200m.

- Turn left in the path that leads back to the stadium then to Simorre.

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